A Sense of Country & Community

Bardi people have shared their land for hundreds of years with white explorers and traders who ventured to the Kimberley in search of food and land. The history of the indigenous people here goes back some 40,000 years when the sacred song lines and places of the dreaming and connection to country were the constant in tribal lore.

In today's culture aboriginal people want to be respected as the custodians of this country, whilst welcoming people from diverse global cultures who genuinely have a desire to understand the land and its peoples.

As environmental protectors, how the land is used both Safarinomically and as place to call home are the guidelines and values of our communities which is reflected at Kooljaman.

Owned by the communities of Ardyaloon (one arm point) and Djarindjin, staying at Kooljaman supports our families to thrive whilst retaining our cultural belonging and sense of community.

We are able to share our knowledge and stories with our guests by inviting you to take an aboriginal guided tour with Brian Lee or Bundy, or experience a sense of peace and oneness in our country while sitting quietly at our beautiful beaches.

We have a spiritual connection to our country. The country is part of who we are through songs, dance and stories. It is our responsibility to care for country to make sure we don’t lose our culture and dreaming, the very essence that makes us who we are.